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WOOD24 is an Estonian timber trading team with 15 years of experience.

We import sawn softwood from the North-West and Central Regions of Russia. We have a large number of partners in the Russian Federation which lets us trade with only the highest quality sawn timber from spruce and pine. We can satisfy the needs of not only wholesale buyers but also individual customers with our rich dimensional grid and a variety of quality.



Dimensions:<br />22-25-32-44-47-50-63-75-100/100-125-150-175-200-225-250


Dimensions:<br />22-25-32-44-47-50-63-75-100/100-125-150-175-200-225-250

Main material length 4800mm – 6000mm

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GOST 26002-83 Grade 1-4

Wane, rotten, and tobacco knots, wormholes, mechanical damage, blue, rot are not accepted. Black knots are no more than 10 mm. Healthy knots are accepted in any quantity up to 40 mm in diameter. Boards should be with a strictly consistent geometry. The lumber must be trimmed. A pack shall contain same size and length only.

GOST 26002-83 :: Nordic Timber

1-2 grade :: Grade A 1-3 grade :: Grade AB 1-4 grade :: Grade B 5 grade :: Grade C

Technical specifications


We pay great attention to customer relations, team development, cooperation, and promotion of the use of wood as an environmentally friendly material.


We value the trust based on long-term cooperation with our customers


We aim for quality at all levels; in products, relations, services, and contracts


We develop through targeted, useful, and professional cooperation


We make our business in the best way possible to preserve environment


We promote the use of wood as part of a sustainable lifestyle. Wood is a renewable and an energy efficient material


We pay great attention to speed and delivery times for our orders


Natural moisture

The lumber is placed in even drying stack bags. The approximate dimensions of a stack in height and width are 1100 mm x 1100 mm +/- 50 mm. A pack shall contain lumber of the same size in width, thickness, length and type of wood.

Dry lumber

The lumber is stacked in neatly folded bags. The approximate dimensions of a stack in height and width are 1050 mm x 105 m mm +/- 50 mm. A pack should contain lumber of the same size in width, thickness, length, and type of wood.

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Purchase of lumber

Our team is always open for cooperation and new partners. We buy lumber from pine and spruce of transport and natural moisture in large volumes.

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WOOD24 will pick up the lumber from our partners in Russia ourselves and deliver it to your warehouse / plant / garden / to the door.

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